PR Stunt goes Awry: 20 Injured

PR Stunt goes Awry: 20 Injured

An LG public relations event in Seoul (South Korea) got completely out of hand. Twenty people were injured upon introducing the new G2 smartphone.


As part of LG's 'G in the Cloud' campaign, the company released a hundred balloons in the air containing vouchers for a free G2 smartphone worth $850. Nice idea, but it all went wrong when people tried downing the balloons using BB guns and knife-mounted sticks, the BBC reports.


Amidst the chaos, twenty people were wounded. Seven of them were taken to the hospital for care. The stunt brought LG a mass of (unwanted) attention worldwide for the G2 device. The company apologized and promises to pay for all of the medical expenses. In following, LG cancelled similar PR events. The company reports being ‘concerned’ about safety issues.  


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