16.000 Words in Meeting Industry Explained

16.000 Words in Meeting Industry Explained

Meetings industry terminology is now available at your fingertips thanks to IAPCO's new on-line dictionary.


First Published in 1987, in collaboration with the Joint Interpreting and Conference Service European Commission, IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, produced the first Dictionary of the Meetings Industry.


16.000 words

Initially consisting of less than 700 words in 8 languages, the dictionary has been updated on a regular basis with languages added, now totalling over 16.000 words covering the current 15 languages. That are 1100 terms in each language. Besides the translation you will find a short explanation of the word in English. The Dictionary covers topics like Types of Meeting, Venues, (Technical) Equipment, Catering, Media, Press, ...


The languages available are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional.


Communication - spoken or written - enabling the exchange of information and ideas has always held a pivotal position in a civilised society, and no more so than in the communications industry of the meetings profession. There is an ever-growing number of international meetings and congresses being organised in every sphere of life, on all continents. Embracing the great diversity of services, techniques and equipment, the social media, technology and management, this facility covers the full range of terminology in different languages, with definitions designed to harmonise usage.


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