Start-Up: Whales On Waves

Start-Up: Whales On Waves

Interactive meetings and conferences are the future. Whales On Waves is a start-up company that is harping on this trend, offering a complete solution for getting your participants actively involved in your meetings.


The iConference tool displays presentations in real-time on your participants' laptops, tablets or smartphones. Not only that, it's displayed in their own language. Participants can even jot down memos next to slides and download the entire presentation, memos included, at the conclusion of the presentation. In addition, speakers can leverage the tool to poll users about certain propositions and can show the results in real time. Furthermore, participants can engage in mutual discussion via chatrooms, which can also be used for relaying questions to the moderator that can be asked to the speaker.


Guests who are not physically present at the conference can still follow along through the optional live stream. It's even possible to use iConference to evaluate speakers, the results of which are shared discreetly with the event organiser. 


iConference is a web-based tool that supports 10 to 10,000 interactive participants. The video below outlines everything once again to get a clear picture of how the tool works.


In this 'Start-up' series we discover starters with an innovative offering that is beneficial to the event sector.

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