Panasonic Investigates the Advantages of Laser projectors

Panasonic Investigates the Advantages of Laser projectors

Boasting more durability, better performance and a smaller carbon footprint, LED/Laser projectors offer numerous advantages in comparison to their conventional counterparts.


In addition, they meet the needs of professional users. A study commissioned by Panasonic shows the specific advantages that LED/Laser projectors have in comparison to conventional models.


20.000-hour maintenance-free operation

The most important result of the study is that LED/Laser projectors possess a longer life span and a higher luminosity. Conventional projectors use a lamp that gradually loses its luminosity. After about 1500 to 6000 hours, these bulbs have lost about 50% of their power. At this moment the bulb needs to be replaced, because of the projections poor visibility and the risk of damaging the projector. In comparison, the average lifespan of a LED/Laser projector is about 20.000 hours, three times longer than that of the most powerful conventional projectors. The study reveals that LED/Laser projectors show a linear curve of brightness decay, meaning that they lose less of their brightness than their conventional counterparts, which have a regressive decay.


Immediate projection

A second finding that the study revealed, is that conventional devices need an average of two minutes to warm up and thirty minutes to attain a stable level of brightness. After being used, they also need to remain connected to the power supply for five minutes to allow cooling down. Panasonic’s LED/Laser projectors, on the other hand, are immediately operational and avoid the disadvantages of traditional projectors, such as noise pollution caused by the fan or drowsiness caused by the projector's heat.


30% more eco-friendly

The study shows that, in comparison to conventional projectors, LED/Laser projectors automatically adapt brightness settings without losing picture quality during projection. Contrary to conventional models, LED/Laser projectors only use 100% capacity if necessary, e.g. when projecting a fully white screen. Conventional devices consume 371W to perform, 30% more than Panasonic's LED/Laser projectors. Despite their higher energy consumption, the brightness of conventional projectors is still 10% lower than that of LED/Laser projectors.


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