Bodrum, Turkey - A Surprising Location for Your Next Event

Bodrum, Turkey - A Surprising Location for Your Next Event

On a regular basis our editorial team travels around the world searching for interesting - not obvious - locations for your next event. This time we stranded in the Saint-Tropez of Turkey: Bodrum.


Bodrum is definitely not the first destination you think of when organizing a meeting, congress or event. But the Turkish seaside city has several strengths to play. The idyllic harbor, promenade and fabulous local restaurants do not only attract tourists, but can also offer you an original setting for your next event. "Writers, intellectuals, artists and musicians have long called this Aegean town home, or second-home, attracting a vibrant cultural scene paralleled only by the town's nightlife. Windswept beaches and glittering waters provide the backdrop to the perfect getaway" says TripAdvisor. The climate is mild so you can even enjoy having an event during winter months.


Since the region is so popular with tourists, Bodrum has several exceptional hotels, as venue for your event, to offer. We did choose the Grand Yazici Boutique Hotel & Spa for our visit. The hotel has a fascinating Bodrum panorama and has been designed with all the luxury and comfort. It is located at the top of a hill on 32.000 square meter area with 16 villas and a spectacular architecture. Grand Yazici's fully equipped meeting rooms accommodate 20 to 150 people.


So, when you don't mind a sunny environment and are ok with some luxury at an affordable price… (Who doesn’t?) Bodrum might be the destination you are looking for.





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