Event Planner Ranks Among TOP 5 Fastest-Growing US Jobs

Event Planner Ranks Among TOP 5 Fastest-Growing US Jobs

The Events industry is booming in the US, it seems, according to recent research that CareerBuilder released. The job site compiled a list of the TOP 10 fastest-growing jobs of 2013 where the most demand is.


'Software developer' positions are perched at the very top of the list; nonetheless, it is quite remarkable that 'Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner' wades among the top 5. Positions in the events sector have grown no less than 10% since 2010. Experience in the industry is a must, however, considering 28% of the job openings are filled by candidates with 6-10 years of experience, and 18% have even more years under their belt. Merely 10% of candidates get hired with 2 years of experience or less.


A US event planner can expect to earn a median salary of $47,380 a year. Washington, DC has the top concentration of available job opportunities followed by Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.



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