Is this Advanced Signpost the Future of Events?

Is this Advanced Signpost the Future of Events?

Some people can orientate themselves perfectly, while others are constantly lost. Fortunately, there are signposts and signage to show the way. But what if the information that you need is not available? Well, here's the solution: Points - 'the most advanced directional signpost for events'.


A Points signpost is a pole with three directional arms pointing towards different locations. These three pointers each individually rotate at 360 degrees, and are able to display all the information required by visitors to your event. The pointers not only show the way, but also display 'live' information in real-time. Are you late for a sporting event because you don't know where the stadium is? No problem: Points will not only show the way, but will also give you the latest score. Where is Bruno Mars performing? Points will tell you without a problem. This smart signpost will point you straight in the direction of the correct stage. The Points intelligent signpost can be used for sporting events, fairgrounds, concerts, and also for corporate events and conferences.


The signpost's directional arms are controlled by a small keyboard, where the necessary information can be requested. Then the signpost's rotating arms are activated, and the required information is displayed in 16,000 LEDs. The smart signposts require a permanent power supply as well as internet access. These intelligent signposts are all for rent, although they do not come cheap. "The cost for renting will start in the low five digits. That figure could vary depending on location and custom software." 


Source: HLN, Mashable

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