Rate the Speakers at Your Event With Start-Up Speakerscore

Rate the Speakers at Your Event With Start-Up Speakerscore

Speakerscore is an online tool that enables you to evaluate the speakers at your conference or event. The tool is super easy to use, extremely easy to implement, and exclusively aimed at 'public speakers’ - speakers at public events. This gives you the advantage of being able to evaluate and compare speakers across different events.


Currently every conference organizer uses their own tool to gather feedback from their audience. From homegrown systems to complex surveys, to SurveyMonkey - everyone does it in their own way. However, the disadvantage of this is that you cannot compare your own gathered feedback with the feedback of a speaker at another conference. Moreover, speakers sometimes miss out on useful feedback simply because the organizer has neglected to ask for it. By using the Speakerscore method, it also means that every organizer does not have to re-invent the wheel all over again in order to build their own unique feedback form.


With Speakerscore all that belongs to the past. The tool uses a simple standardized scoring system. The system asks each member of the public four pre-set questions. This is developed in collaboration with experts in the field of evaluation and public speaking. In so doing, Speakerscore have succeeded in developing a single standard that allows speakers to effectively compare their performance with previous speeches, as well as with those of other speakers.


The evaluation form is ready-to-use. All you need to add is your speakers. In addition, Speakerscore provides a live feed of scores, mean scores (averages), as well as feedback and photos that you can easily distribute and share. If the feedback is bad, you also have the option not to display it. Speakers can also build a personal profile on Speakerscore and earn badges for good scores. Soon you will be asking the speakers themselves for an evaluation on Speakerscore.


In this 'Start-up' series we discover starters with innovative offers that are useful to the event planning industry.


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