Pepsi Introduces First 'Like' Vending Machine at an Event

Pepsi Introduces First 'Like' Vending Machine at an Event

It is a familiar scenario, you're standing in front of a full vending machine with an empty wallet. Enter TBWA, an advertising agency, has devised a vending machine that will serve up a nice fresh can of Pepsi in exchange for a like.


Pepsi Belgium is introducing this world first and will now share colas with fans in exchange for a Facebook like. The Pepsi Like machine will be introduced in Belgium during the Beyoncé concert in Antwerp


The Pepsi Like vending machine not only indulges the thirsty passer-by, but is also a clever way of sampling the cola. According to TBWA, sampling is still done the same way as it was fifty years ago: by putting flyers in the hands of promo boys and girls. The Pepsi Like machine goes a step further by immediately engaging in a relationship with the target audience.


"That there are creative minds in Belgium is no secret. The Pepsi Like Machine is another good example of that," adds Jan Verlinden, Marketing Director of PepsiCo, BeLux. And he's right. For the first time it is possible, with a Facebook like, in real time, to get a can of Pepsi. "It’s a completely new way of sampling whereby we get information in return and can immediately start communicating with our target audience."


How does it work? Well, everything happens at the vending machine. There's a link to where you can login via Facebook. Then you must like the Facebook page and you can then choose a Pepsi Regular or Pepsi Max. If several people are trying to get access to the vending machine at the same time, a virtual queue is formed.


Wonder if the soft-drinks competitors will like this...

Source: De Standaard

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