Stunning Presentations with Prezi

Stunning Presentations with Prezi

Five reasons to use Prezi on your next presentation rather than PowerPoint. Prezi versus PowerPoint: 5-0


Prezi is a new, up-and-coming presentation tool for creating presentations in a holistic way. Instead of being a collection of slides, like a PowerPoint presentation, Prezi consists of a large blank canvas where you can arrange text, images, and videos to your heart's content. You can zoom in and out during the presentation, skip over items, or return quickly to a certain point so as to make your presentation a very dynamic experience. Prezi is rapidly gaining popularity and, thus, is being dubbed a real 'PowerPoint killer'. And rightly so, because it's not just that PowerPoint has become bit boring these days, Prezi is simply much more effective.


If you aren't already using Prezi, here are 5 reasons to give your next presentation a facelift.


1. Better structure in your storyline

In PowerPoint, we all too often have the tendency to become consumed in boring summaries using bullet points. This is where Prezi sets itself apart, because you mainly create a storyline and chart out the path you want to take. Not only is this much more creative, it also adds more structure to your message. Links and connections between topics are immediately clear and visual.


2. Thinking outside the box

Prezi forces you to think creatively about your presentation. The way a Prezi looks is sometimes compared to a mind map, since you are guided through the information in a Prezi in a very visual manner. Prezi stimulates the right brain, hence, stimulating the creativity of both you and your audience.


3. More interaction with your audience

It's probably happened before that you've had to skip over part of your presentation or wanted to revert back to a particular slide to clarify something or to answer a question from the audience. In PowerPoint, that means you have to do a whole lot of clicking back and forth to get to the right slide. In Prezi, this process is much more streamlined. You can zoom out directly to the overview, and from there, you can zoom in again to the relevant topic you want to deal with. This makes it flexible for you to respond to questions or comments from the audience.


4. Your story sticks for longer

This is quite remarkable and is probably one of the most important arguments for considering using Prezi. Scientific research conducted at Tilburg University has shown that students could remember certain subject matter better with Prezi than when that same information was presented with PowerPoint. Not only could they remember more right after the presentation, they also retained that information up to 3 weeks later.


5. Share it everywhere with everyone

Prezi is an online tool, so you can easily share your presentation with whoever you want. Of course, you can also download the presentation and use it on your PC or laptop, but it certainly is an ideal tool for sharing your ideas, stories, and inspiration. You can share your brilliant presentation on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn at the touch of a button.


Does this mean the end of PowerPoint? Of course not. PowerPoint is and remains a fine tool for propping up your presentation. However, Prezi is certainly a worthy alternative. If handling data, charts, and images in a creative way and having better flexibility to respond to comments from the audience is what you want, then Prezi is the better choice.


Source: Expert Academy


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