Stop Using Twitter for Your Event

Stop Using Twitter for Your Event

Twitter is becoming increasingly popular. But the more people use the social network, the more it loses its original power.


Several years ago, I was one of first to venture onto Twitter. Then, I knew most of my tweeps personally and we engaged in real conversations. Today, if I take a look at the hashtag for an event, then it becomes apparent to me that everyone is just rambling aimlessly and that there are fewer and fewer dialogues.


An example: for a few weeks, I followed the twitter feed of the expos we are participating in. Then I gave up. It's simply impossible to read everything. On top of that, it is getting more and more difficult to sift through all the nonsense - yeah, there is a lot of garbage spouted on Twitter - to find messages that are actually relevant. And, yes, those are there too.


Will this be the death of Twitter? Should we, as event organizers, all just drop Twitter from the marketing agenda? No. It's not all that bad, perhaps. Nevertheless, it's a red flag we cannot ignore. It's time to think creatively about how we will address this. I am sure there are tons of experts among our readership who have strong views about this... Feel free to share them by commenting at the end of this column!

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