Feature Alert! From Now on Budget Versions in Event Software

Feature Alert! From Now on Budget Versions in Event Software

Just before the end-of-year festivities, you receive a gift from our development team: the eventplanner event software now supports multiple versions of your event budget.

You have been able to calculate your event budget with our event software for some time now. From now on you can also create multiple versions of your budget. If you are working on a business case for a festival, you may want to create a realistic, optimistic and worst-case scenario. Other organizers, on the other hand, like to keep track of versions of their budgets: the version of your pitch and then versions with different adjustments. From now on everything is possible.

This is how you create versions

You can create a new version of your budget by clicking on the version name at the top left. Click the 'create new version' link in the dropdown that appears. You can start from a blank sheet or from a copy of the active budget and build on that. You can easily switch between the different versions via the same dropdown.

With this addition, we are taking another nice step towards a complete suite of event software that we also offer for free. In the meantime, we continue to build steadily. We're not revealing exactly what's in the pipeline just yet, but a completely new tool is on the way that will have a significant impact.

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