Party Ban for Airbnb Stays

Party Ban for Airbnb Stays

Airbnb is permanently banning customers from hosting parties in stays they booked through the platform. The American company had introduced a temporary party ban during the corona pandemic. According to Airbnb, the reactions were so positive that the measure will become permanent.

Airbnb introduced the measure in August 2020 mainly due to the corona pandemic. Because clubs, cafes and party halls had to close, some of the parties secretly moved to Airbnb accommodations.

These accommodations are often rented out by private individuals, so that the number of complaints from local residents about partying tenants increased significantly during that period. In addition, the parties also threatened to become sources of infection, which made intervention necessary, according to Airbnb.

Tenants who still throw a party in an Airbnb accommodation run the risk that their account will be closed temporarily or permanently. Last year, 6,600 Airbnb customers were banned for trying to break the party rule, the company says.

Source: HLN 28/06 via License2publish


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