Cisco Launches Conferencing with Hologram

Cisco Launches Conferencing with Hologram

With Webex Hologram, Cisco is launching a holographic conferencing solution that enables futuristic yet real collaboration with lifelike 3D holograms of participants.

Technology company Cisco has introduced Webex Hologram: in combination with augmented reality glasses, you can meet with 3D holograms in Webex. With the new, futuristic technology, Cisco wants to help companies adapt more easily to hybrid working. The technology company made the announcement on the occasion of WebexOne, its annual online collaboration event.

Cisco's Hybrid Work Index shows that for more than sixty percent of employees, the ability to work remotely affects whether or not they keep their job. But for teams that need to be able to collaborate hands-on, hybrid meetings with office and remote participants are a real challenge. With the holographic capabilities of Webex Hologram, participants can now collaborate as they used to in the same room.

“Our mission at Cisco is to empower the world's 3 billion digital workers from everywhere to participate equally in work,” said Jeetu Patel, executive vice president and general manager, Cisco Security and Collaboration. "With Webex Hologram, we're narrowing the gap between virtual and physical collaboration."


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