Will You Join Us Today? eventplanner.live

Will You Join Us Today? eventplanner.live

On Monday, April 12, we invite you to our very first Partner and Developer Conference: eventplanner.live with the theme 'Rebuild'.

During the online event, Kevin Van der Straeten, the founder of eventplanner.net, will give an inspiring keynote address from Theatre 5 in Kinepolis Antwerp, along with various other team members and partners.

Bit by bit, the light at the end of these challenging times grows brighter. And with it, the hope of organising and experiencing live events again; our profession that we miss so much! When we can re-open, eventplanner.net will be there to help our industry rebuild. And that is what this conference is all about: to give you an update on our efforts to prepare our industry to thrive again, together. To showcase the tools and other innovations we have been building that will help you grow your businesses once again.


We'll update you on our efforts to help rebuild the event industry and will showcase our new innovations that will help you grow your event venue or business once again.

The event can be followed online for free. Register now!

Follow the event live here.


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