A new year, a new homepage and brand new search options!

A new year, a new homepage and brand new search options!

Three years after the last major update, we have a new homepage again. In recent years, eventplanner.net has evolved so quickly that it was high time for a solid makeover.

"A platform with more than 10,000 event companies and locations, thousands of articles, posts, videos, ... can be overwhelming for new visitors. That is why in this UX update we focused on feedback from user research and made our homepage more relaxed and clearer", says Kevin Van der Straeten, founder of eventplanner.net. "We immediately point organizers in the direction of the best suppliers for their events. For experienced, logged-in eventplanner.net users, the focus is on quick access to our search engine and updates from our editorial staff and community. With this update, we ensure that all customer visits to our site are more logical and rewarding."

"By constantly innovating, improvising and improving, we have become the smartest search engine for organizers, a review and booking platform and a real event community in recent years."

New search options

The search engine, the beating heart of the platform, has also received a major update. "In preparation for our international rollout, we have comprehensively revised our 'region' search. This makes it even easier to find event locations in your neighborhood or in the city your event takes place. You can now also search and sort caterers and other suppliers for your event, based on location."

For suppliers, we still work on the basis of ‘activity regions’ (a caterer from one city can also deliver to another); but by sorting by distance, you immediately see how far away the supplier is. This is a much-sought-after  feature for organizers of sustainable events, who want to work with local partners.


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