Research Shows People Crave Events

Research Shows People Crave Events

People long for live events and they give a surprising amount to visit them again. There is a lot of confidence in safety and there is a willingness to accept various measures and take into account vulnerable groups. This is evident from a large study by Fieldlab Events in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss (physician microbiologist and professor of infectious diseases) and Dr. Nikki Kenters (researcher).

The survey was conducted among 29,929 Dutch visitors to business events, sports events and entertainment such as concerts, festivals and theater. The aim is to investigate to what extent the plans developed by Fieldlab Events to increase visitor capacity are in line with the wishes and needs of visitors to events.

When asked whether people would like to visit an event, the answer was affirmative en masse in the. Whether it concerns corporate events (93.6%), sports events (94.1%) or entertainment (97.5%). Outdoor concerts, outdoor festivals, professional football, conferences and meetings are high on the visitors' wish list. The viewpoint of visitors with regard to the size of events has no or only a temporary change. In entertainment, 59% of the visitors would like to see events as big as before, in sports 56%. In both cases, only 7% prefer to see permanently smaller events.

Pieter Lubberts, Fieldlab Events Program Team: "The research confirms what we as a sector already felt, the Netherlands is craving live events, be it sports, business or entertainment. The research, which together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss and Dr. Nikki Kenters also provides us with many important insights, based on which we can finalize the planning for the pilots that we want to carry out in October and November. We do this together with the sector and science, so that we can It is in any case clear that increasing the capacity at events is crucial for their survival."

Trust in organizers

The survey shows that visitors have great confidence in the organizers. When asked whether it is considered safe to attend an event, the answer is yes: entertainment (93%), sports (94%) and business (92%). Sector-wide, about 1/3rd of the respondents say they expect special corona measures. The outdoor festival and concert visitor feels the safest.

Sense of responsibility

The visitor has a great sense of responsibility. At sporting events, 82% stay at home with corona symptoms (entertainment 79%, business 89%). For the 11% doubters, alternatives such as a ticket for the next edition, a live stream or money back for the entrance ticket are decisive to stay at home. In addition, nine out of ten visitors are willing to have the temperature measured and three out of four visitors are willing to undergo a rapid test.

Measures widely accepted

To make events possible on a larger scale, the visitor is willing to accept various measures. Wearing a face mask (76% to 85%), arrival and departure (86% to 96%) and a fixed place during the event (75% to 89%) are accepted for all types of events.

Fewer visitors, pay more?

There is only a very limited willingness to pay a higher rate for the entrance ticket if fewer people are admitted. An increase of 6% (sports), 10% (entertainment) or 12% (business) is considered acceptable. At the same time, 25% to 29% (sports), 20% to 33% (entertainment) and 12% to 14% (business) give fewer visitors as reasons for not coming anymore.

Taking into account vulnerable groups

After visiting an event, the visitor is prepared to take into account visiting risk groups. Entertainment visitors (77%) in particular answer in the affirmative. At entertainment events, it is no obstacle for 68% of the visitors if they cannot visit a risk group for two weeks after the event.

Contact inquiry

To simplify the contact survey after an event, 77% of business visitors are willing to install an app (70% for sports and 65% for entertainment).


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