The Future of Brand Activations? The Drive Through Pop-Up

The Future of Brand Activations? The Drive Through Pop-Up

The pandemic has drastically altered the way live experiences are produced and - while festivals and large gatherings are on hold - San Diego-based experiential marketing company GDX Studios is working to find alternative ways brands can still connect with their audiences. 

We all know drive-in cinemas, but a 'drive through pop-up for brand activation' takes the concept to a new level. Just imagine driving through a fun, save and interactive experience. As you travel through with your car you encounter art installations, photo ops, retail displays, branded signage and decor. At every stop along the route there would be interactivity with the personal smartphones of the attendees. Think about playing a virtual reality game, getting a picture taken in your care before a green key and get it sent over to your phone, ...

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Another interesting idea is to put give-away boxes with samples directly in the trunks of cars passing by. In this way the delivery can be 100% contact-free.


The interesting thing about the whole idea is that it is scalable to the needs of specific brands ranging from a one-stop drive through to a full immersive experience with multiple stops.

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