Catch Up on Best Event Awards World

The Best of Event Awards World are coming up. A quick catch-up with organiser Salvatore Sagone on the oscars of the worldwide event industry.

Kevin Van der Straeten
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The European Best of Event Awards are coming up. A quick catch-up with organizer Salvatore Sagone on the Oscars of the worldwide event industry.


Hi Salvatore. Welcome in our studio.


Hello to everybody. Hope you're fine.


We are, thank you. The beaworld event is coming up. In just a couple of weeks.


We are on a good track to celebrate a great edition of beaworld, because this year will be the second year of the beaworld. Because last year we opened the borders to all the world. And it was interesting because it was quite challenging.

And I'm happy to announce that this year will be already another record edition for the world. Because we increased the number of the entries and the number of the countries. So, I'm very happy for this result. We have 303 events, entries. From 29 countries and 122 agencies which is really a great number.


Yeah, that's huge.


The beaworld is the world championship of events, so all the best events can...

I mean, the entries are open to everybody, to every agency. But I know that only the most innovative, creative events will participate. And independently from the budgets, you know.

Because what is really most important, is the power of the idea. And the result that idea produces. And so, it doesn't really matter what the budget is.

As we have seen last year: the winning event was the one million... The ten million visitors in Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. Which was a low budget event. It was about thirty thousand euros. But the idea was powerful. The amplification of the event through the social media was great. So, the return on investment was really good.

So, of course, we will have, also, great productions, that, of course, are important. Because this is a significant part of the event market industry in the world.

But nevertheless, there will be space for all kinds of events. The important thing is that they are creative and innovative.


You already mentioned that it's the second edition, world edition. Since last year, are there any changes to the program? Or is it roughly the same? What people can expect?


Well, this year, according to the increased number of the entries, we added a room. One more room for the live presentation, which is secret of the...

It's not secret, it's the whole future and success of the beaworld festival, which are the live presentations.

So, we will have, in Coimbra, in the middle of Portugal, where the festival will be held, four rooms, dedicated to the live presentations, the live pitch of the finest events. This is one important news, so more events to see, in more rooms.

Then, we introduce, also, a new award, which is the best location award. Because we want to separate the quality in all the value chain of the events. So, the locations are an important ingredient for the success of an event. So, we will separate, also, this aspect of a successful event.


If people are watching and still want to come, is it still possible to get last-minute tickets? Or are you already sold out?


Yes, of course. Thank you for this question.

It's possible. You can go on the website,, and you can buy the ticket online.' To attend the festival in Coimbra. And I do really recommend to come, because Coimbra is a great town. I mean, it's a small town. It's the town of where the most ancient university of Portugal is based. It's one of the most ancient universities in Europe, also. So, it's a very cosy town. Very good food. Very nice hotels. It's on the river. It's really great to visit.

And the location will be something unexpected. Because it's an old convent, that has been converted to a brand-new congress centre. With a huge and fabulous auditorium for the awards ceremonies and the rooms for the presentation and for the content program.

And so, I do really look forward to it. I'm sure that it will be a success.

The theme that we have chosen this year, is: breaking the rules. And start again to think differently. Regarding the events.


I think you already answered it, partially, but you see, of course, a lot of event cases. You organize the beaworld event. In your personal opinion, what makes an event a great event?


That's a very good question indeed. I mean, what makes a great event... No, an event a great and successful event, is basically the return on investment and the return on objectives that events want to reach.

So, we have left the age when the events were made just to celebrate something. A special occasion, like an anniversary or just the launch of a product or service. Without thinking about the result. The goals that the companies want to achieve. In this new era, where all the scenario of communication is much more complex, events play an outstanding role.

A very important role. Because events, and live communication I would say, because I think it's better to speak of live communication, can help companies, the brands, to make the product or the brands themselves, experienced by the audience. They can talk and interact with them through live and through the social media. Before, during and after the event. And live communication events can also change the consumer behaviour. Change the consumer attitude. Using this channel. And so, reaching precise goals. Which can be, also, selling goals. You know? Especially in the consumer events, but also in B2B. And we have seen many of these examples.

And this means that the event market, all over the world and especially in Europe, has matured a lot. Has increased a lot, in terms of character, in terms of consciousness of what live communication can do. And from what I see, more and more, live communications are part of the media mix of companies. Used, not only in a tactical way, but in a strategic way as well.


And you see that reflecting in the cases that are submitted for the beaworld?


Yes. In many cases, you can see that these events are really part of the communication strategy, of the communication mix of the companies. There are very clear references to the advertising campaigns or what the brand values are.


Okay Salvatore, we wish you the best of luck with the event. We are very excited...


Fingers crossed.


Yeah, fingers crossed.


We are very excited to learn who wins the award this year. And I'm also looking forward to speaking to you next year. Yeah, I would say that we will also provide a live streaming of the award ceremony. And there will be, also, a surprise in the very last days before the event. That I cannot reveal now, but... 


If we want to watch the live stream, where should we go?


On the website of Or on our Facebook-page.


We will put the links below the video, so people can find it easily.


Thank you, Salvatore. 


Thank you to you, Kevin, and speak to you soon.




Good luck to you too, okay?


And you at home, thank you for watching our show. I hope to see you next week.