What's in Your Bag?

What's in Your Bag?

Last time you went to an event or conference do you remember what was in the event bag that they gave you? Did they even give you a bag?


So many event and conference organizers spend hours thinking of what to put in their event bag, but most people end up throwing everything out the second they get home. What can you do to make your bag one to remember? You need to give your attendee items that are practical, that they can use immediately and that they will want to keep once the event is over!


Majority of us have probably been on the giving and receiving end, so we have a few ideas on what works and what doesn't. It's time to be done with the boring, bad event bags of the past. We need to move into a new era that adds technology, eco-friendly materials and fun, functional items! Here are a few tips for event bag success:


1. What Do You Want?

Put yourself in your attendee's shoes. Like we said, all of us have been to events before and know what works. Think about what would give your attendees a good experience at the event and a few items to talk about with other attendees!


2. Fun & Functional

Think of items that are practical and that attendees can use immediately at the event. Don't forget about the fun aspect! Try and get to be a little different and steer away from the traditional pen and paper. Maybe adding in colored post-it notes or tabs for people to mark their notes, adding highlighters, etc.


3. Fill Them With Food

Having some food to fuel your attendees is always a good idea, but be careful with allergies. Don't add in anything that you think may affect an attendee. You can take care of this with one more question during the registration process to see if attendees have any food allergies. Once that is covered, it is always good to have some food for attendees to munch on during sessions and breaks that is healthy. This will give them the energy they need!


4. Don't Forget the Outside

Get creative with what you put your items in! The design of the bag is just as important as what is on the inside. You could use a tote, backpack, basket or even a large water bottle to put items in, depending on the type of your event. If you have the budget, consider offering different styles, colors or designs for your bag. Attendees can choose the one that appeals to them most. Make a bag that they can continue to reuse!


5. Go Digital

You can go digital in a few different ways. Think about adding in flash drives instead of paper collateral or brochures. You can even decide to make your whole bag digital with Virtual Event Bags. Attendees can access them via email, your event app, social media your website and through QR codes. This give your sponsors and other stakeholders an easy way to get involved with your bag with free trails, coupons and links that lead directly back to them - Tech and eco-friendly!  


Remember to step in your attendees shoes to make sure that your event bag is a hit at your next event. If you want more tips and insight into what will make your bag stand out, head over to the etouches blog:


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