Life as It Is... Event Security

Life as It Is... Event Security

We organisers don't always think about what happens at the entrance of an event. This security officer decided to film the 'challenges' he faces and hung a GoPro around his neck.  


The result makes you respect the security personnel. The footage is a year old - New Year's Eve 2014 - but was only now put on the internet.   The man keeps his cool and has a huge amount of patience, as he faces troublesome (read: drunk) customers all night.  


The bouncer stops a guy (from 2:28 on) who claims that his cloakroom ticket was still in his jacket (of course, you don't get the ticket until you've handed over your jacket, denies access to a girl who can no longer put her shoes on (from 2:57 on) and remains professional when someone asks him for (hold on to your seat) a kick in the privates (from 6:00 on).  


The main theme of the video, which takes about 9 minutes, is a drunk guy who is trying to get into the event all night because he claims his brother his celebrating his birthday inside the building. And yes, these incidents do occur at business parties as well.  



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