Yondr Blocks Smartphones at Events

Yondr Blocks Smartphones at Events

We all like to share photos and videos of events, concerts, ... with our smartphone. However, the smartphones hinder the experience and block the view of those behind you. And you as an organiser might not want certain information to leak. Start-up Yondr offers a solution.


Comedian Dave Chappelle was fed up with the fact that his jokes immediately appeared on the internet. "If everyone has seen my jokes, no one will want to buy tickets." Chappelle has a strict 'no phone'-policy during his shows. He wants to keep surprising his audience, something he cannot manage anymore nowadays. At his first show, there is a sea of smartphones which put all his jokes online. 


Yondr offers the perfect solution. This ingenious system uses 'bags' in which the attendees can store their smartphones. These bags lock themselves as soon as they enter a certain zone. During the show, the phone cannot be used, but those who wish to use them can leave the room, after which the bag unlocks itself and the phone can be retrieved. That way, your attendees will look at something of your choosing and not at their phone. It is also an effective way to avoid certain matters from leaking earlier than you would’ve liked.


Aside from the shows of comedians, it can also come in handy if you are launching a new product. This way, you can tour without a single photo leaking. This is practical for your client, but for you as well. You can count on a lower no-show, since everyone is (and remains) truly curious and will still come to your event.


Yondr is most certainly applicable to a congress. You have everyone's undivided attention and won't be seeing heads constantly bowed to look at their smartphones. Because that's more fun for everyone, wouldn't you say?

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