Partying stain- and worry-free with the SOS-partykit

Partying stain- and worry-free with the SOS-partykit

On an event or a party, accidents are never far away. An unexpected stain, a surprise rip in your outfit or your hairdo sags. With the following items in your pocket, your guests will never be surprised and you stay on top of every partypooper.  


Every organiser should, on top of the first-aid kit for medical interventions, also provide an SOS-partykit. A small trouble, but many guests will appreciate it when they unexpectedly find themselves in an embarrassing situation, such as ripped pants or stains on their shirt. The best spot to put the emergency kit is at the toilet ladies.  


Needle and thread  

If you have to sew buttons or unexpected rips on critical places back up, needle and thread can come in handy. With a white and a black thread, you can go a long way. But a richer colour palette is more practical for hip and trendy party gear. You won't need big bobbins. A few loose ends in different colours suffice.  


Safety pin  

No needle and thread at hand? With a practical safety pin you can also surely get the job done. Especially if you have to do it quickly and the accident occurs at an invisible spot.  


SOS hair kit  

Struck by a sudden downpour, you arrive at the event with soaking wet hair. And that while you had so carefully blow-dried your hair! Fortunately, you've got your SOS hair kit with comb and hairbrush, rubber bands and hair pins. With these tools, you will create a glamour haircut or a neat 'wet look' in a flash.  


Stain kit  

Few things can ruin your night like a big food stain on your new party outfit. Make sure you have salt and aerated water, and keep a sponge and rag at hand. With these tools you can already solve most stain dramas. In doubt? Save the link to a practical stain information site on your phone. That way, you'll immediately know what to do to save your outfit.  


Mini make-up kit  

Oops! You forgot your make up. You'd better have a SOS-kit at hand. With some lipstick, eye pencil and a tip of foundation you can go a long way. A dab of lipstick will not only colour your lips but also your cheeks. With some eye-pencil and a dab of water you can almost magically create seductive eye-shadow.  


Panty hoses  

For the ladies, a familiar problem: 'laddering' panty hoses. Nothing as flimsy and embarrassing as a ladderhose. With an extra pair of panty hoses you stay graceful in all circumstances.  



On a dance party, temperatures can rise quickly, which can result in unpleasant odours. A little bit of perfume or deodorant can do wonders.


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