Send Your Press Releases to Our Editorial Staff

Send Your Press Releases to Our Editorial Staff

Want to submit a press release? Of course you can! How our editorial staff selects press releases is shown below. After all, submitting does not guarantee placement.



Every day our editorial staff receives dozens of press releases. Unfortunately we cannot publish them all... Would you like to score? Then you will have to stand out and your press release should also be newsworthy. If you follow these guidelines there is a good chance that your press release will be published in our newsletter or on our website.



1. News value

The content should be good. A press release has no point if it has no news value. Beware of business blindness: what may be an exciting, new story to you may leave the general public unaffected. An example: new offices are big news for all your employees but have very little impact on your clients. When your press release meets the following criteria, you may have a newsworthy story.

  • Current
    Old news is not interesting. Therefore submit press releases before the facts become obsolete. 
  • Deviating
A controversial subject is interesting. Conflict, sensation … attracts readers. Everything that deviates from the norm arouses interest. 
  • Innovative
    A new product or event scores when it is also innovative. Fresh ideas and creative approaches significantly increase news value. 
  • Size
    The bigger the amounts, the higher the percentages, the bigger the space… in other words the better your press release scores. 
  • Impact
A press release is only interesting if it has an impact on the reader or a large social relevance. The more persons involved in the vicinity of the reader, the higher the subjective news value. 
  • Reliability
The familiarity, importance and reliability of the sender increase the credibility. The company’s image has an impact on the success of the press releases. 
  • Authority
A quote from the managing director, a specialist, a famous person…. supports your message and increases the credibility. If possible, place the quote in the first or second paragraph. 

Read you press release again and be critical. Is this press release captivating? Would you read this article if it was released by another company? In some cases you will have to answer 'no' to some of these questions and admit that the content is too commercial and instead suitable as advertising. In this case you could opt for a advertorial. This is a paid advertising 'disguised' as an ordinary article. Contact us today!


2. Relevance is an online magazine for clients and organizers of (corporate) events. Therefore, messages that are not relevant to our target group will not be included.


3. How do you write a good press release?

The essence of the press release should be placed in the first paragraph. Write your press release as an inverted pyramid: the most important at the top, the details below. Avoid very long introductions and keep your press release short. Write your title last. A good title is catchy, but also indicates what the article is about.


Do not forget to add an article related photo. Before submitting your press release recheck the article for spelling and grammar mistakes.


4. Submitting

Mail all your press releases to Place your press release directly in the e-mail and not in annexure.


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