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|Friederike Jaich (EU Tax Observatory)|21/06/2022

Of Cores helped us to organize our first high-level annual conference in Brussels. We have been working with Bianca and Nathalie who have been really friendly, reactive, proactive, professional, and flexible during the whole process despite June being a very busy month in Brussels. We were really happy with their service, the whole conference went super smoothly without any problems. They provided high-quality technical support and ensured a perfect finish of the decor. They exceeded our expectations by far and we will definitely be working again with Of Cores for our future events.

BIZZevents bv

BIZZevents bv

June 2022

|Roland Schleusner (Nerthus)|15/06/2022

I asked BIZZevents to organize a party for about ninety participants. They gave tips for the venue, the type of atmosphere, the caterer and the DJ.
The organization was perfect, without any problem.
For me they passed with great distinction.



Perfect first collaboration

|Delphine Steck (Powwow)|10/06/2022

We collaborated for the shooting of images during a summit.
The Ofcores team was very reactive and friendly despite all the organization of the summit they had to manage at the same time.

To The Point Events

To The Point Events

Satisfied customers!

|pommeline claesen (iinno-benelux)|03/06/2022

A very pleasant collaboration, easily accessible, good communication,... From design - implementation - follow-up, everything went smoothly. We are still very satisfied with our stand!😍

Product Launches

You are more than ready. Your new product or service is shining and ready to be launched. You have thought very carefully in advance: after market research, it appears that your new product is a must-have for your target group. This means that in your product roadmap you know perfectly who your target group is, and with which pains they are struggling. You will solve these problems with your new product or service.

A product launch is a lot of work. You have to come up with a nice concept, outline a marketing plan, find a suitable venue, provide catering, rent AV equipment, provide a promotion team, engage an event agency and so on. The list of to-do's is very long at a product launch. That is why a professional party that helps you with your product launch via a product launch plan is a great idea!

Product launches from A to Z

Everything starts with good planning when you are going to launch a new product. Drawing up a timeline, which lists all the steps you need to take to meet your deadline, is useful. Think of timings where your sales team, partners (advertising, promotion) and suppliers have to join in. You can also work digitally: we offer rock-solid professional event planning software, which is also completely free.

The phase that follows is sometimes called the pre-launch phase. You organize yourself according to the moment supreme: the product launch itself. You build tension towards your target group (what can they expect). And at the same time, you also create a bond of trust with them. You do this by sharing valuable information and profiling yourself as an expert.

Leaking a little information to the press, when you are going to do a product presentation, is not wrong. Look at Apple and Tesla. It functions! You let the press and, more importantly, your community speculate about your new product or service. The official press release is then before the launch date itself.

Fortunately, you are not alone in the world, involve your partners in your product launch. Those who have an interest in your product will be extra motivated to support you with your product presentation. You have a 'no', you can get a 'yes', just dare to ask for help. That collaboration can be very creative, or your partner can put your press release on his website, with a short explanation of how he contributed to the creation of the new product.

Today you can no longer do without: ambassadors or influencers. Send them your product a few weeks before the official launch, or show them your service. Encourage them to try your product and post it. Your marketing team can of course also place advertisements or do social media campaigns, but the 'voice' of an influencer that comes from the target group itself comes across more authentic and is valued more highly.

The product introduction itself? Surprise your target audience!

Do something unexpected, a publicity stunt with your new product in a central role.

With product presentations you can show your product to the world. And there are other possibilities to surprise the people in your target group. Examples include product videos, free demos, high level give-aways and downloads. Or promotions where people can test your new product for a while and get their money back if they are not satisfied. For example, also search for events or fairs where you can present your new product.

If you focus your product launch around one specific moment, you will focus all your communication, your social media, direct emails, website and so on, on that moment. Of course you can. But you can also opt for a different approach where you spread your campaign to introduce your new product over several weeks, instead of communicating everything at once. Repetition works, remember?

And post-launch: keep communicating after your product launch, for example about new features, satisfied users, and so on. Don't let it be a calm after the storm, because returns can also be achieved during this period. Not all your warm leads buy immediately when you introduce your new product. In this post-launch period you also have to convince the doubters and get to work with their objections.

Brand protection

You have that fantastic product? How does it remain your product? For that you have to protect and register your trademark. This way, your brand name is protected against competition that would use an identical or very similar name. If this does happen, you can take legal action.

Are you going for a product launch?

Do you want to launch a new product with a fantastic event? Then the companies in the list below can help you. They are happy to support you in the planning, organization and follow-up of your product launch. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise in launch strategies, surprising concepts and professional guidance, you can count on a successful product launch and your new product will become a star!

Your company in this list?

Are you an expert in organizing product launches? Then add your company to the list below. This is how it works: you create a free business page. Provide clear photos and clarifying texts. Off you go: as a product launch expert you will come across countless professionals who organize product launches, in other words your potential customers.

If you want to discover other high level tools that boost your company in addition to this way of marketing, including on social media, please contact our marketing team. They will be happy to draw up an action plan for you, which scores in the middle of your target group.

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How to Promote and Run a Product Launch Event

How to Promote and Run a Product Launch Event

Do you remember the biggest product launch of this year? Here’s a hint: It happened in September and has the Apple logo on it. Do you think you could help your clients to achieve the same enthusiasm from their followers, leads, and customers?