How to rank higher in the search results with my business page?

Just like you can optimise your website to rank higher in Google, you can also take actions to rank better in the search engine for the event industry:!


Similar to traditional search engines, there is an advanced algorithm under the hood of our website that determines the ranking of more than 8,000 event companies listed on our website. We determine the relevance of the search results for our visitors independently and objectively. But there are some parameters that you can influence.



Secrets to rank higher

The process is as follows: our search engine gives points for the relevance of your company within every search query by a visitor. The more points you get for a keyword, the higher you will be in the results. What can help you collect more points?

Up-to-date text

Relevance is largely determined by the categories in which you are listed, the keywords that you have entered, the text you use, among other aspects. Always ensure that these are up-to-date and complete.

Extra points for reviews

For every positive review, your company gets extra weight in the search results. The more customers you convince to write a review about your work, the higher you score.

Why do we do that? Our visitors are looking for the most suitable suppliers for their events. Reviews help them with this. That's why you get extra points for every review.

Extra points for posts 

Do you regularly publish interesting posts on your business page? You should, since it gives you an additional edge in our ranking algorithm. After all, sharing knowledge and inspiration is highly appreciated by our community. So share inspiring cases with beautiful photos or tips about your expertise in a post on your business page.


Extra visibility from 3 beautiful reviews

As soon as you have collected more than 3 great reviews, we will also include your company in rotation on our homepage and in our newsletter as an inspiring event company or location.


Extra points for placing the review widget on your site

Thanks to the review widget, the score and reviews that you get on will also be visible on your own site. By putting the review widget on your own website, you will get that extra push. We regularly check whether the widget is still there on your website and every month we reward you with extra points. Thus, the widget makes you score on all fronts: it collects more reviews (extra points) and also convinces visitors to your website to choose your company. What are you waiting for? Place the widget right now!


Engagement score

Business pages with a high engagement score rank higher. The idea behind this is that business pages that are visited more, whose telephone number is requested more often, where more visitors click through to the website might also be more interesting for visitors than business pages that bounce. You can positively influence your engagement score yourself by placing attractive photos, regularly posting posts, sharing your company page via social media, ...


Search filters

Our search engine uses advanced search filters to refine searches for event venues, caterers, disk jockeys, ... For example, you can indicate the capacity of your venue, but also other features such as whether WiFi is available, if there is free parking, whether or not the venue is free from a caterer, whether it is located in the countryside or in the middle of the city, ... With disk jockeys and bands there ares filters to refine the search by music genre and caterers can indicate whether they serve Eastern dishes or prefer the traditional French cuisine. If you want to get the most out of your business page it's important to correctly set these filters. If you have not already done so, you can easily do so by logging into our site and editing your business page.


Professional business page

Companies with a professional business page rank higher than free listings. Upgrade your business page now. This is already possible starting from just € 190 per year.