How does the Engagement Score work?

The 'engagement score' of shows at a glance how your business page scores. The figure intelligently measures how our visitors interact with your advertisement.


For every interaction of our visitors with your business page you get points. For example, when your business page is shown in the search results, when a user cliks through to your page or website, when someone places a review, ... Our analysis algorithms also take into account that someone who requests a quote has more value for you as an advertiser, than when someone just looks at your business page. All points are added and converted to a weighted scale that is easy to read: the 'engagement score'.


We also tell you in our analytics module how your company scores in relation to your competitors who advertise in the same categories as you. That way you get clear insight into the performance of your campaign. We give you tips to get even more out of your business page.


Are pageviews and clicks not enough?

Reports based on page views and clicks do not really tell you much. It is not difficult to get many page views, but what does that traffic means when it comes to prospects? We think it is important to go a step further and give more insight into the actual interest of our visitors in your offer. The 'engagement score' does just that and is also less sensitive to click fraud. It is a reliable and clear parameter to follow the ROI of your campaign.


Where can I find my 'engagement score'?

  • Log in to your account
  • In the overview of business pages on your dashboard, click on 'analytics'