Event app

Event app

Event app, do you as an event organizer already use an iPhone, iPad or Android event app during your events? Do you know the application possibilities of an event app and what the benefits are for your events? You will find the best event app companies here.

Ensemble Sofware bv

Ensemble Sofware bv

Write review Zaandam

Whether you're getting together online or live, Ensemble lets you create your first event in minutes - delivering your attendees everything you can expect in one easy-to-use app.

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Write review Cumming

EventTitans is design in response to the needs of a thriving 30-plus billion-dollar events industry. We are passionate Event Lovers & our primary focus is making attendees fall in Love with your Event.

Digital Samba

Digital Samba

Write review Barcelona

Samba Live is a European integrated software suite for video conferencing, webinars, online meetings, remote learning, and online collaboration.



Write review London

Glisser is an award-winning presentation software, integrated audience response system and event analytics platform.

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Write review Morganville

Eventdex. It's is a mobile-first event management apps company. It has a suite of event management apps and services for EventOrganizer, Exhibitors, and Attendees.

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Triplus Solutions

Write review Emblem

Our core business is closest to developing and offering: Q&A tools, voting (online / offline, Photo tool for smartphones for events, weddings, ...

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Write review Santa Clara, Californië

MeetingHand is an online event management software which provides great solutions for event planners all around the world.

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Crystal Interactive

Write review Godalming, Surrey

We go beyond the provision of an event app, wearable or registration platform, we get to the heart of your event, understand your objectives, audience and challenges, and tailor both the event technology recommendation and the level of advice and support

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Ex Ordo

Write review Galway

Everything You Need to Run a Research Conference. Your abstract management, registration and mobile app on one conference management system.

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Write review Amsterdam

EventAssist takes care of the complete invitation and registration process for events. Together with you we create the optimal communication flow around your event.

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Universiteit Gent

Write review Gent

SoleWay is a location-based indoor navigation service using short text instructions, in the same intuitive way as you would spontaneously explain the way yourself.

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Entegy Suite

Write review Brisbane

The Entegy Suite is a powerful event communication, engagement and logistics platform.

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Write review Paris

With more than 19 years of experience in the event industry, Evenium supports planners at every stage of the event organization process: from registration to digital onsite check-in, networking to interactivity, and reporting.

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Nodily Europe

Write review Brussels

Use Nodily to know who is sitting next to you at conferences, trade shows, or while traveling.

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Grenadine Event Software

Write review Montreal QC

Grenadine is radically changing the way you manage events! In only a few minutes, our software will build your event website, and mobile app, ...

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Taggbox Display

Write review Walnut

Taggbox Display is a powerpact tool to collect, curate, moderate, and display fascinating social media content via hashtags, mentions, page, tags, etc. from popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Slack, ...

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Write review Retie

Digitize your consumption tickets at your event. The Sjwing app from NoToken replaces the classic consumption vouchers with your smartphone without the need for additional hardware such as nfc readers or cash register systems.

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Write review Amersfoort

ProPlus Events is specialized in online registration and takes the entire invitation process completely off your hands while you remain in control. In addition to the various online registration options, ProPlus offers a very extensive Event and Community app.

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Write review Lausanne

Virtual events and event apps, made simple. Engage with your customers and prospects with live interactive digital experiences. From remarkable content to meaningful connections, great events happen with SpotMe.

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Write review Palo Alto

Attendify exists for one reason: to bridge the gap between digital marketing and event marketing.

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Write review Somerset

eventcloud offers technology to elevate events. For everyone. Get in touch and ask about our modular, customisable and generally incredible event apps, registration systems (online and onsite), communications platforms and websites.

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Write review Uppsala

Trippus is a complete tool for managing events, conferences, meetings and training courses. Be in control and create engagement.

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Write review Oslo

Make amazing virtual events, the easy way. We offer everything you need to run successful virtual and physical events.

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Write review Toronto

Live, Virtual, Hybrid Event Management Software.

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Write review Limoges

Mobile & web applications to connect your in-person or hybrid events.

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Write review Cambridge

At ExpoPlatform, our aim is to transform the exhibition industry by enabling event organisers to manage ONLINE. HYBRID. LIVE. events.

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Omnivision Studios

Write review Son en Breugel

Omnivision Studios focuses exclusively on the development of (multi) -touch applications. In addition to customization, the company also builds standard applications that are often marketed under the Omnitapps brand name.

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Invista solutions bv

Write review Nistelrode

Invista makes a venue or festival app that is valuable for both organizers and visitors.

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Write review Amsterdam

LindenIT is the specialist in promoting your event. We can promote your entire event through our different specialties.

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Write review Chicago

One platform for all your events - in-person, hybrid & virtual. Manage invitations, share information, engage participants and encourage networking at your events.

Most recent reviews

Average review score 9.6/10. Based on 53 reviews about companies in the category 'Event app'.



Enthusiastic about using this attractive and interactive platform

|Odette de Beer (Excel)|24/11/2021

We used Elvently for a conference for 500 people. A plenary program and 16 workshops. In short, a complicated program - certainly to get everyone to the right "room" online. This went perfectly. The online interaction between participants that was promised to us also became a reality. After a whole day of online program there was plenty of "talking after" by participants in the bar. The program offers really great fun possibilities. Live is more fun but this is a great alternative in this time!



Elevent.ly knows how to connect people online

| (Events2be)|26/10/2021

The interactive maps of elevent.ly add an extra (wow) dimension to your online/hybrid event.
By using fun online tools, the platform really knows how to connect people.
In addition to the pleasant cooperation, they think along with you about how you can optimally brand your brand in that interactive map.



Impressive platform

|Helena Bastiaanse (Bastiaanse Communication)|22/10/2021

The best virtual conference platform for online conference organisers. Very high quality, user-friendly, and far more professional than any other virtual event. According to the international delegates at our online scientific conferences, the platform offers a very impressive, intuitive, and interactive surrounding with lots of possibilities to visit presentations, booths, posters as well as to video chat with speakers, sponsors, and all those attending. Thank you Elevent.ly.




|Rik ter Braak (Misset Uitgeverij B.V.)|15/10/2021

We as Misset (international publisher) have been involved in the development of the platform from the start and we can only compliment Elevently for the creativity, flexibility and mutual trust we had in each other. There is really an online event platform that is unique in its kind. At the moment we have already organized events for various target groups (professors, students, etc.) in which some are better educated online than others. The platform is extremely user-friendly, works quickly (even with 3500 active participants) and also looks beautiful with the 3D visuals. As an organizer, the platform is also easy to fill with content. We will be using the platform much more often in the future and as far as we are concerned, the platform is a 'stayer' in the online events.

Event app

Why an event app is a good idea for your event

Why an event app is a good idea for your event is very simple: with an event app on your visitor's smartphone or tablet, you increase the impact of your event. Moreover, an event app makes the life of an organizer, so your life, a lot easier!

The added value of an iPhone event app for your visitors

Using an event app is first and foremost very useful for your guests or your visitors. With an app, they have all general and personal information about your event in their pocket (their e-ticket, a mobile check-in, a personal program or own planning, map of the event, fair or festival, etc.). With your Android and iOS event app you show your guests the way, you involve them in your community, and you can always reach them at the right time.

The app allows you to encourage networking and connect your guests. The great thing about events is networking and chatting with like-minded people. For example, make the list of participants public in advance, activate a chat function and let people network with each other before your event. With a number of interactive functions in these applications, you also increase the fun and effectiveness during your event: interactions such as real-time polls, quizzes or Q&As can be done via the app. And nothing is easier than sharing (annoying) changes and last minute news quickly and effectively with your guests via push messages that you send via your event app.

The added value of a smartphone and tablet event app for event organizers

An event app is also a particularly interesting tool for organizers. This event software can help you plan and coordinate various aspects of an event. This way you can work much more efficiently via the app. We only mention one: the registration process.

But much more is possible.

With an event application you can create a lot of buzz around the event and create your own community by betting on conversations. At the same time, you can also make the link with social media. Before, during and after your event. And all that is possible in your corporate identity.

You also get to know your audience via the app. You collect data from your participants. For example, you can see exactly who viewed what, who visited which exhibition stand, ... You learn a lot from this and you can focus on it at your next event by responding better to the interests of your target group.

And last but not least. An event app offers space for bannering and paid content. With a well-thought-out business plan and the right partners, you (and your partners) can do a lot with this!

The future of the event app

We think event apps have a bright future. Much more will be possible thanks to event apps. Artificial intelligence (AI) to name just one will enable the personalization of content. Your guests will then make contact with specific visitors, interesting speakers or exhibitors via the app. The impact of your event will only increase!

A successful event app is, …

A successful event app is well filled with relevant content and offers your visitors interactive possibilities. But communication about it is also important: don't push too hard and make sure you really offer the promised added value! And of course the party will not take place if the quality of the internet connection on the event location is of a horror level, unless of course the app also continues to work offline.< /p>

What are you waiting for?

Do you want a tailor-made professional event app? In the look and feel of your company? Including an optimal user experience? Then these software companies can help you with an out-of-the-box app or one completely customized. They take care of setting up or developing a professional event app for your event.

Is your company not yet on this list?

Then quickly create a company page and instantly reach thousands of organizers who are urgently looking for an event app.

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