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Checking e-tickets and corona tickets at one scan desk
Invitado Visitor Management|
16 July 2021

Safe and accessible solution for event organizers

Invitado has integrated the control of Dutch and International QR codes generated by the CoronaCheck app into its own scanning software. This offers event organizers the opportunity to check both the e-tickets and the corona admission ticket of the visitors at the same scan desk, by the same host and with the same equipment.

'We make it as simple as possible for organizers and visitors. That has been our approach for 15 years, and certainly in this corona time, when it is difficult enough for organizers to set up an event, any form of simplification is welcome. If we are already scanning e-tickets, why not immediately also scan the visitor's corona admission ticket?' explains Michiel Droog, director-owner of Invitado Visitor Management .

Open source source code

The developers of Invitado use the source code of the central government for this. 'It is completely open source, which makes it possible to include the current version unchanged in our scanning software,' says developer Antoine Veldhoven, who co-developed this solution in consultation with programmers of the CoronaCheck app. 'We also take over the configuration defined in the app one on one, so that our scanning software shows exactly the same information after checking as the official Scanner for CoronaCheck application.'

Also offline and fully automatic

Invitado's scanning software also works if the internet connection is lost, and that also applies to checking the QR codes from the CoronaCheck app. The software recognizes which type of QR code is displayed, then switches itself between checking e-tickets and corona tickets and then shows the correct result screen. 'This prevents hostesses from having to deal with an app on their phone in addition to our scanning equipment, or that visitors are confronted with double checkpoints,' explains Droog. 'This makes the check-in procedure not only faster and more efficient, but also much safer.'

All in one system

This fits in with Invitado's philosophy to offer all modules and services within one system, even if they are services from others. 'We have partnered up with the specialist Lumi for legal voting in our online platform, and this is another good example of how we want to offer our customers one comprehensive solution,' says Droog. 'As mentioned, the implementation of the CoronaCheck is faster and safer, but we also foresee that more organizers will dare to organize an event under the flag of Testing for Access.' Invitado is still awaiting ministerial approval to be able to use the integrated CoronaCheck.

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