Project 12 - Sven Cautaerts

Project 12 - Sven Cautaerts

Project 12 - Sven Cautaerts
  • Fazantenstraat 14, 2811 Leest, Belgium

Sven Cautaerts is a multipotentialist and socially committed freelancer. Because of a washboard of different passions I am a true jack of all trades. Someone who is multi-deployable within the sales, events and security sector. And I also love to always use my full arsenal of both business and personal capabilities for each job. With a high dose of enthusiasm and drive.


Sven Cautaerts is a passionate:

  • freelance event manager for corporate or public events (festivals)
  • safety and prevention advisor Niv. 2 (license from Sept.2020)
  • safety coordinator Niv. B (planned Dec 2020)
  • care provider-ambulance driver within "den 112"
  • sales manager and business developer from the gut feeling
  • festival skimmer, wine drinker, cocktail shaker, restaurant-goer, ...
  • amateur sports archer, open water diver, pianist, Netflix "couch potato" and hobby cook
  • and above all a loving husband for my wife Eline Somers

So do you need a sales-driven event manager to bring in that pitch for you? An event producer to guide your team on stagehands during the build-up? Someone to coordinate the bar at a festival? Or should you be able to use a freelance prevention advisor to make risk analyzes and safety files for your customers? Maybe we are a match!


Sven Cautaerts is also an entrepreneur. Be sure to check the following companies:

  • KASTAR provides job students for suppliers within the event sector 24/7
  • BREEZY is the new sports mask for safe practice of (team) sport
Project 12 - Sven Cautaerts
Crew masks from BREEZY
15 June 2020

BREEZY is the new comfort mask on the market for all kinds of crew & events. Will you be able to organize a team building for customers again soon? Can your film crew get back to production? As a barber-on-the-fly time to sharpen those knives? As a bartender to shake or stir again? Maybe you are looking for an alternative ...

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Event Manager 

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Antwerpen | Vlaams-Brabant [+Brussel] | Belgium
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