De Landgoederij bv

De Landgoederij bv

  • Camminghalaan 30, 3981 GH Bunnik, Netherlands

The Landgoederij is located in a renovated farmhouse. Located in a rustic, green location on the Kromme Rijn river in Bunnik (Utrecht). A beautiful event, party and meeting location with a trendy look while the atmosphere of the past has been preserved. Due to the various rooms, outdoor possibilities, the high level of service and the available technical facilities, De Landgoederij is a perfect location for all business events: from meeting to conference, from presentation to brainstorming session. The atmosphere of the location inspires and contributes to a successful meeting.

The Landgoederij has five different atmospheric spaces. You can combine all rooms or use them separately. There is one main entrance with a cloakroom and a second entrance at De Voorkamer with a cloakroom. In addition, De Landgoederij has three terraces and an outdoor area of approximately 6,000 m2. In addition to spacious parking facilities, you will find 2 charging points for electric cars.

The part
De Deel is the largest room of De Landgoederij. The space has a warm and attractive appearance, with the fireplace being a real eye-catcher. The space is suitable for a party evening up to 350 people, a conference and / or dinner. De Deel has a partially covered terrace of 400 m2, an ideal space, even in good weather.

De Tapperij
De Tapperij has its own toilet and bar. De Tapperij can be used for a group of up to 200 people. De Tapperij and De Voorkamer are suitable for all kinds of events: a wedding, drinks, dinner, reception, business event or a party evening, it's all possible!

The Haystack
This attractive room can be used for a reception, an atmospheric dinner, reception, an intimate party (wedding, maternity party, birthday) for up to 100 people. The space is also perfectly suitable as a meeting location. The built-in fireplace provides extra atmosphere. De Hooiberg also has its own bar, a basic sound set and a partly covered terrace.

The Brink
The central meeting point of De Landgoederij is De Brink. This space is located between De Deel and De Tapperij and can accommodate approximately 90 guests.

The Front Room
In De Voorkamer you can organize a party or reception with a group of up to 70 people. The room can also be used as a reception room for a party or event or as a 'quiet room' in combination with a party in the adjacent De Tapperij room. The Voorkamer has a fixed bar, wardrobe and basic sound set.

The Estate is part of Brothers Horeca Group (BHG); a young, growing organization that values hospitality, service and quality.

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