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Conference Compass

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Conference Compass develops mobile event apps for associations and conferences.

We are Conference Compass, developer of powerful conference and association apps. Since it was founded in 2011, we have proven to be a leader in high-quality mobile apps. We work for the largest medical associations in Europe and know exactly how we can make the user experience for that target group as good as possible. Together we strive for "making bright peole brighter".

Our Society App combines all your events and the other activities during the year, creating a greater connection with smaller events. Grow your mobile community with every event. Communicate with your participants and share more knowledge.

Your branding

Your mobile app is - and should - reflect much of your brand identity. We create each app individually to meet the needs of your organization. A personal Customer Success Manager, simple data import and custom integrations in, for example, your membership file, registration software or abstract software ensure the best possible app result.

Your events

Our mobile solutions enable you to use your mobile app as a sustainable tool. The solutions can be used all year round instead of a one-off investment during your main event. Instead of just one event, you can integrate your entire annual calendar of congresses, workshops, seminars and training in one app.

Your mobile platform

Your app provides a unique channel to communicate with your participants and members all year round. Give your community the opportunity to network, share knowledge, and grow with every event.

Your app

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