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Flemish Government gives the event sector a view of a future
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December 20, 2020

The globalization premium from Minister Crevits and the entire Flemish Government makes the difference between scaring at the bank account every morning or daring to look carefully to the future. The Flemish Government clearly opts for a Flemish event sector after covid-19.

Throughout the months and various measures, many players were systematically left out or the amounts were not adjusted. Often not consciously, but a consequence of a difficult definition of the entire event sector.

The globalization premium with which the sector was involved solves this a great deal. Minister Crevits is now giving companies - often international standard-bearers - a clear option for a future through appropriate necessary support from Flanders.

The extension of the Flemish Protection Mechanism is of course also positive. Companies can count on Flanders' commitment to further support until the end of February 2021. This gives peace of mind to the entrepreneur.

The next step for the event industry is to avoid a third wave at all costs and therefore remind everyone of their responsibility. The rules are there for everyone. Spokesperson Bruno Schaubroeck points out that the virus is not circulating through catering establishments or schools or fitness clubs or whatever, but only through people's behavior. Our behavior! Failure to comply is no more or less than playing with the future of our entrepreneurs. Celebrate Christmas and New Year, but with respect for all rules, only then is a somewhat normal summer 2021 conceivable. Each of us has that choice.

The sector has always indicated that it wants to get out of this crisis while working and hopes to be able to do so (cautiously) in 2021, with prospects for the summer.

It will be difficult weeks and months, but with constructive consultation and a positive outlook, the sector hopes to really be able to bring people together again in 2021.

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