Good luck with your first Virtualevent!
22 April 2020

Now that we can no longer organize public live events until September 1, I see event organizers quickly recovering and would like to help their customers to further set up communication online. For example, by organizing a virtual event by means of live streaming, webinars and webcast. We have been working on this since 2007 and now know quite well how this should be done and where the opportunities and dangers lie? As Marktingfacts says in their post, you can only do an online live event right once. Unfortunately, I rather say "... just get it wrong once", because your viewers are gone, gone, gone and don't come back that quickly if your online events don't run smoothly and have malfunctions. Your keynote speakers will also not thank you for this and will not enjoy a rattling broadcast. Trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort also said it last week, the DIY society is coming! This “trend” has of course been going on for years and is therefore not new, but still trending. And you can see that from all the accessible video tools that have been added at a rapid pace in recent years. And which are often also available for free. Great you would think, but it remains tricky to Mc Guyveren and jump in the deep at such an important moment. So what should you pay attention to? First, choose whether you have the budget to have it done by an experienced technical party. Because that takes a lot of last-minute DIY tinkering off your hands. Are you going to do it yourself? Then here's one first KISS from us ;-) Keep It Simple Stupid! Actually the only tip I can give, otherwise it will be too technical. If you do bring in an experienced technical party, screen them properly! First check whether they have live event experience. And how they do this. So knowledge, expertise and a demonstrable livestream portfolio. With an emphasis on 3… 2… 1… LIVE! Because this is slightly different from scripting a creative offline video together. With our label Virtualevents.nl we have Virtualevents.nl a proven affordable and fast-to-build Virtualevents.nl and configuration in recent weeks that can be placed at any location. Complete with AV screens, remote keynote speakers and power points. And with our backstage talkback we quickly prepare every caller to go live in the broadcast immediately. Your audience will experience a clear broadcast with interaction and the speakers can explain their presentation undisturbed. Did I say affordable? Yes! Between 750 ~ 1500 you already have a complete in-house live webcast studio with lighting to go wild with any Virtual Event you want to organize. Just give us a call to ask how we can do this for you. And if you are going to provide a broadcast yourself, give us a call! Because we are happy to help you on your way.

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