First Belgian-made Disinfect container units are deployed
15 April 2020

This morning, April 10, the first Disinfect container unit was placed for the customers of the Brussels Carrefour at the Jordaanplein / Place Jourdan in the European quarter, symbolically in sight of the European policy makers. It is a unique and 100% Belgian low budget concept with a very short production cycle that can be used directly in the public risk management of corona contamination as well as in the phasing out of the lockdown. Disinfect is the brand new spin-off of CityCubes , the brand activation agency of Dieter Veulemans and Gil Dejonghe. Veulemans united the 4 largest set and stand builders in Belgium for this project. Thanks to the joint know-how and the production capacity in Belgium itself, this consortium can switch very quickly and meet any demand in a short time, both for manned disinfection containers and for more compact, unmanned mobile disinfection units. They can of course also be used at entrances to other department stores, schools, public buildings without surveillance, post-corona public events, etc ... Total solution provider Disinfect positions itself as a 'total solution provider', not only with production, delivery. and placement of the container (or mobile unit), but also the supply of the products themselves (hand gel, disinfecting spray for shopping carts, calibrated temperature meters) and the crew of the counter (control entrance). The container or mobile unit can also be personalized in the corporate style of the company or institution on request. After all, they can either be bought or rented per month. For a safe feeling “We have paid a lot of attention to the design of the container units that should welcome visitors or customers in a sympathetic way and above all give them a safer feeling”, says Veulemans. The passage procedure for the container unit is already as follows: customers / visitors are obliged to collect their shopping cart; they push the cart past a wall of the container unit that disinfects the entire cart with a spray nebulizer; they put their hands in front of an electronic eye, after which a disinfectant spray sprays from the wall to disinfect the hands. If desired, a counter clerk then scans the body temperature and if OK, the customer may continue with his shopping cart. The concept not only increases safety, it also allows more social control over stubborn foert sayers who do not always display the right sense of citizenship / mentality. Affordable management tool Due to the specific approach, the movable Disinfect container units are also very affordable. After all, CityCubes recycles former sea containers from the port of Antwerp and has them completely refurbished and restyled by its partners into a portable low-budget disinfection unit. Depending on the expected public turnout, the Disinfect containers can be delivered to measure for public passages of 240, 480 or 960 people per hour and per unit. The mobile units can accommodate 120 passers-by per hour and per unit, who then scan their body temperature themselves after disinfecting their hands. Job opportunities “In these times of high technical unemployment, we not only do risk management, but also create employment again,” continues Veulemans. Not only at CityCubes and its 4 partners, but also for the manned counters of the container units that will be delivered all over the country. “For those reception desks, we mainly target job students (who have almost nowhere to find work this summer), but also all interested parties who want to do such a job. Deployable in the very short term The Carrefour shop in Brussels is the first pilot project, but for CityCubes the Disinfect units can also be deployed in the short term in other department stores, in justice buildings and other public buildings (where everyone is free) such as stations, airports ... and perhaps also schools, colleges and universities. However, the law on public procurement still applies to public buildings, so that in principle governments cannot react quickly. “But actually we are now the only provider on the Belgian and even European market, so I wonder whether the adage 'necessity breaks the law' cannot be applied here”, says Veulemans. The corona challenge “Now that everything is down, we had to reinvent ourselves and switch quickly,” says Veulemans. “We could no longer wait for a vaccine that will only be on the market in spring 2021 ... This Disinfect concept is therefore in line with what CityCubes as a brand activation agency already did in pre-corona times. Namely activating and implementing original, creative and innovative ways to dynamically put brands and events in the spotlight. The field of action: shopping streets with a lot (or too little) passage in large and medium-sized cities, and sites where large public events are organized. “We hope that we will do our part to ensure that people dare to take to the streets again and to live their life to the full,” concludes Dieter Veulemans.

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 10 April 2020

Mooie oplossing Dieter en team! Hopelijk helpt het ons sneller uit deze crisis.