Webinar AI for events: 7 practical applications
March 6, 2023

“Event managers can save a lot of time by using AI smartly. Yet we see that they themselves do not take the step so quickly. That is why we gave them a helping hand by integrating AI into the tool in Momice's software,” says Rutger Bremer, CEO of Momice.

And Rutger will give a webinar about this on March 23 at 3.30 pm: 'AI for events: 7 practical applications'.

What can AI mean for events? A lot of! And also super easy! Think of:

Time saving and efficiency;

More inspiration for texts, images and content of your events;

Personalized events, adapted to the target group;

More insight into the results of the event.

Momice founder Rutger Bremer would like to show you the above applications during the webinar 'AI for events' on March 23 at 3.30 pm! Register via the link: -4177-bf1a-0571e46d2d14

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