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Covid-19: Easyfairs makes its event locations in Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen and Namur available to the government
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March 20, 2020

Easyfairs, the Belgian company that organizes more than 200 fairs, congresses and events in 14 different countries and that operates 10 event locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, has decided to actively participate in the fight against the corona virus. Easyfairs will make its halls available to the local and national authorities involved in the fight against the further spread of Covid-19. The evolution of Covid-19 and the speed of the far-reaching measures taken by the governments to prevent further spread have a profound impact, directly or indirectly, on the entire population and on all economic sectors. The trade fairs and events sector has been particularly affected as all events scheduled for the coming weeks in virtually all countries have been postponed. Easyfairs, which organizes more than 200 events worldwide, also owns or operates 10 event locations in Europe. Given the current situation, these are logically unoccupied. Since Easyfairs wants to contribute to collective measures against the corona virus, the company has proposed to the Belgian, Dutch and Swedish governments to make its halls available free of charge according to their needs. In Belgium, these are Flanders Expo (Ghent), Antwerp Expo (Antwerp), Nekkerhal Brussels North (Mechelen) and Namur Expo (Namur). In the Netherlands they are the event locations Hardenberg, Gorinchem and in Sweden Kistamässan (Stockholm), Malmömässan (Malmö) and Abymässan (Gothenburg). Eric Everard, CEO and Founder of Easyfairs comments: "We are particularly impressed and touched by the unconditional commitment of all governments and health authorities around the world. We, in turn, think it makes sense as a company. to participate in this collective effort to combat the coronavirus and, where possible, to alleviate the suffering of those directly affected.Our event locations can serve as temporary care centers, locations for the reception and separation of patients, storage areas of medical equipment, etc. The local authorities are now aware and have informed us that they will make use of this initiative if necessary. "

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