Golden Giraffe 2019
20 March 2020

Event producer may again this year, in collaboration with EventBranche, register and livestream the presentation of the Golden Giraffe. The Awards may have been postponed to September 14, but we are looking forward to it in good spirits. Are you watching? To get in the mood, below is a recap of last year, a beautiful TV-style production that was streamed live from DUS and Beatrix Theater in Utrecht to youtube, facebook, twitter and where not really. Together with media partner Harold Morris, we gave a whole day a live viewing / talk show in the preliminary rounds in DUS Utrecht and that same week we posted 40 more pitch videos to create engagement. On-the-fly we built a mobile TV studio where all 40 candidates gave a short “booster” pitch live. For 5 hours, EventBranche leader Sjoerd Weikamp dealt live with all 40 pitches that we edited at breakneck speed into a custom made “vote for us” video. These were distributed among the candidates. We generated an immediate increase in reach, views and thus engagement. It created exponentially more media value! The Awards show in total was therefore more visible online than the year before and the live experience was more intense. It is interesting to know that Event Producer is always working to apply advanced techniques. We therefore carried out the assignment with our latest network techniques. We were able to link all pitch spaces with images. Without laying cables in sight or open doors. Over the local network directly to our TV studio. Without delay and loss of quality. This allowed us to send all the necessary signals to the cameras with just one cable. Power, video, Intercom, tally, monitor. Easy does it!

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