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“Event sector on sale this Black Friday”
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28 November 2021

'Solidarity with society', that has been the question from the government for 20 months now. We will comply with this - also this time - but this is the last 'lockdown' for our sector.

It is now urgently time to work out other solutions, but no more flashing light policy. Our sector - just like the public - can no longer motivate itself for this.

Stopping our event sector is easy, the restart takes months, which gives us the certainty that we will be closed for 2 full years and will not be able to start until March 2022. Our companies are entitled to a minimum legal certainty for their existence.

"Activities can continue with restrictions" means that most of the event sector is "de facto" closed.

Our broad sector was barely allowed to work for 10 weeks in 2021 (under CST).

There must be a package of support measures tailored to the broad event sector, financial measures, measures for our staff and help with the restart in 2022. Measures for 3,200 companies and 80,000 employees. This support package must now be decided and certainly continue until the end of June 2022.

Who is ultimately responsible for our industry?

After this lockdown, we will open not to close anymore, not by mayors, not by governors, it is necessary to decide politically who is ultimately responsible for our sector. Politicians must definitively record and communicate this responsibility.

Reliable partnership with our industry

Why does the government – in consultation with our sector – not allow valuable alternatives? Why are we not seen as reliable partners? Why can't we try the CST with 2G in our event sector and possibly help society move forward with those results? Where is the scientific research that proves that our sector is the breeding ground for this and the following variants? We call on politicians to reach out to us. There is no alternative but to establish a reliable partnership with our industry. We are specialists for organizing public life.

The event sector definitively rejects the black (or soot) for these social problems. This was the last lockdown.

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Christian Titeca
Leader |Photoevents | 06 December 2021

Wat mij betreft, GEEN CST (of CT na correctie van dhr Vanranst) en GEEN 2G maar het volledig opengooien van de samenleving. Er zijn al langere tijd voldoende wetenschappelijke bronnen die ondubbelzinnig aantonen dat deze waanzinnige koers meer schade aanricht dan een virtueel virus. Virtueel want nooit geïsoleerd maar AI-gegenereerd. Wake up & Speak up!