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Event Confederation is concerned for the trust of the event visitor
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27 October 2021

A wider application of the CST is an understandable solution for the event sector, given the social reality. It is of the utmost importance that events - concerts - performances - fairs - ... can continue to take place, and this in a safe environment. The CST is a good tool for the EC for this.

We remain concerned about the competitive position of our companies because of the differences with our neighboring countries where such measures no longer apply. As a result of the negative messages of the past few days, we see a decline in ticket sales, a larger no-show and unfortunately also events and concert tours that are being cancelled. That extension with a lower threshold can hopefully restore consumer confidence somewhat.

EC is satisfied with the choice that uniform measures will continue to apply per region and that no patchwork of measures can be created per town hall. That is unworkable for the live event sector.

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