Where can I find messages and quote requests for my company page?

All quote requests and messages for your business are collected in your inbox. Note: Not everyone in your account will have automatic access to all posts for a specific business page. Via the settings of your business page you can easily control who can access the messages addressed to your page.

In the middle of the 'Info' settings page it says 'Who can access messages?. There you will see a list of all users in the account. Via the 'edit' button you indicate who may or may not have access.

You cannot uncheck the main contact for messages. Do you want to change that e-mail address? This can be done by adjusting the 'contact details' in the block above.

Do you want to give a new user access to messages? Then add the person first via the user management.

NB! Only users with the correct rights ('manage business page') can change who has access to messages. Can't get to the right screens? Then ask the main user of the account to give you the correct permissions first.