The hangar of Special Air Services and Yellow WIngs is a great environment for your event! The hangar offers many options. You can have planes put down so that your event takes place between the planes.

You can do a multitude of activities, with much more than this can be organized;

  • guided tours of the airport, taking you to places you would otherwise never visit.
  • Simulator flying in a professional Boeing 737 Simulator in which you can fly yourself with professional guidance
  • Being an air traffic controller in the Air Trafic Control Center, (radar station) that is linked to the Flight Simulator
  • Take a sightseeing flight over the area with a Cessna 172
  • Take a flying lesson if you want to discover flying yourself
  • Catering can be arranged through the neighbors at the airport
  • Music, a stage, microphone and sound, image and screen are available if you want to use it
  • in addition to our offer, you can also do all kinds of activities in the hangar, such as short workshops, stands, speakers, etc.

An airport is an inspiring environment ... airplanes that take off and land, often gliders in the summer, paratroopers who land at the airport again and take-off / landing helicopters. You will experience the dynamics of an airport during your event. Sometimes a speaker will have to take a break when a parachute plane takes off and that only adds to the charm of the airport.

Curious about what we could do for you? Do not hesitate and email or call Rob van Viegen, 06 30062328

See you soon, you will be surprised!

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1 review on Yellow Wings

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Mariam de Jong

A great combination of flying and ATC session on May 18, 2022

On May 18 last, together with Rob, I did a combination of a flying session and then an ATC session, in which extremely effective communication and a cold/dark start within a certain time were an important learning goal this time around. Using that checklist, which Rob went through extensively with me, he taught me to discover the positioning of the relevant instruments, especially those on the overhead panel. A short run of 10 minutes. Then the pushback from the gate to runway 24. The flight target was EHRD. During the flight a lot of aviation related and procedural communication took place.
The landing went well and to Rob's satisfaction. I still had a bit too much speed for the rollout to taxi from the runway to the taxiway. However, it turned out to be a virtual lawn mowing, a sad fact. However, I was able to look back on this flying session with satisfaction and great pleasure. Then the ATC session at the radar station. The communication was already a lot better and smoother than in September 2021. In the process I got more and more routine and it became more and more fun. In the end I noticed that my concentration on the information on the many screens was starting to decrease and I indicated that. With some extra explanation, Rob concluded the session and also expressed his satisfaction with the whole and gave some useful tips for the next sessions, which I think will certainly come. I really enjoyed it and am still enjoying it. On the basis of two files sent, I can carry out further study to get to know the on-board equipment even better, in terms of positioning and to be able to go through the flight plan even better. Thank you very much, dear Rob, for your great contribution. I appreciate it very much and I am always happy with your ever-energetic appearance. So with this I say: "See you again at your beautiful company Yellow Wings!"

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Feedback from Yellow Wings on this review:

Hi Mariam, Thank you for your wonderful review! The combination of flying and weeks as an air traffic controller quickly gives you a good idea of how communication takes place in aviation and how closely it is necessary to avoid making mistakes all the time.... until next time

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20 - 200 



public transport 

parking - free 


green (forest, ...) 

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bring your own caterer 


sound system 


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Gelderland | Overijssel | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands
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