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Started in 2016 with the first mobile escape room in Belgium, now switched to all-round teambuilding on location.

The wide variety of activities (such as escape boxes, laser shooting, bubble football, arrow tag, AR game, darts, ...) and the professional equipment are our greatest assets. Outside of that, we always work at a location of the customer's choice!

At the first contact with the customer, we check what the specific requirements / wishes are, together with them we build a customized team building.

Contained provides the necessary material and the necessary number of supervisors.

We like to work with a tailor-made teambuilding where the participants have the choice to go for the "more active" part of the activities or rather for the "mind games". Everyone scores points for their team and at the end we have 1 winning team.

This is our standard formula (TEAMchallenge).

There is of course also the possibility to adopt a different approach in consultation.

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