Medical Division

Medical Division

Medical Division
  • Broedplaats 4, 7332 CK Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Medical Division is specialized in providing first aid at parties, festivals and events etc.

By offering various services, we want to optimize care and ensure that you as an organizer do not have to worry about the medical safety of your guests.

All Medical Divsion responders hold one or more of the following courses;

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Nurse
  • Event assistance category 1 & 2
  • Stop the bleeding
  • water rescue

Medical Division distinguishes itself from other first aid organizations by offering a total package, so that there are no unforeseen costs afterwards.

The package is tailored to the organizer and visitors, so we want to ensure that there are no unforeseen situations during and after the event.

Because the employees are broadly trained, we can provide medical assistance on land and water with the necessary vehicles and vessels.

We also have different teams with their own expertise, such as;

  • Bike team (two rescuers)
  • Gator team (two rescuers
  • Water rescue team (two rescuers)
  • Quad team (a nurse)

''You said you could do it, we are there just to make sure''.

Medical Division
Badminton tournament Eindhoven (pro bono)
10 April 2022

The Medical Division calendar is getting fuller for the coming year, with some months being unable to accept events and being full. Fortunately, we work together with other first aid organizations that we can always call on to ensure medical care.

Nevertheless, Medical Division occasionally makes exceptions for small foundations, associations and/or charities and we provide our care providers for ...

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First Aid at Events

Vacancies at Medical Division

First aid and/or healthcare provider

Medical Division
Assistance events
22 March 2022

Once again Medical Division has had a busy weekend. Our aid workers attended two different events in the Netherlands throughout the weekend.

If you also want to make use of medical assistance or want to work as a first aider, visit our website for more information!

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Medical Division
New look.
20 February 2022

Because time and developments do not stand still, it was time to renew our website, logo and business cards. We are proud to announce that we have a brand new website. Which is available from today. On the website you can view our service and prices in detail.

We are sure that we can serve you even better with our ...

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Medical Division
Amsterdam Dance Event
18 October 2021

Last weekend, in collaboration with other first aid organizations, we were able to deploy the basic & advanced life supporters of Medical Division at several locations of the amsterdam dance event for three days.

Would you also like to provide first aid at events and festivals or would you like to use our services?

Then visit the website at:

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Medical Division
Event Season
24 June 2021

The events and festivals have started again, so Medical Division is also ready to provide medical services at your event and/or festival.

Medical Division employees are broadly trained:

- Watter rescue

- Fire and first aid

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