Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, meetings can no longer be attended by everyone. Think of information evenings, product presentations, wedding ceremonies, funerals or theater performances and events. Stream NL has made the goal to still allow everyone to watch by using a live stream. Live streaming from our studio or theater should replace the normally full hall and makes it possible that you can (actively) participate at home behind your SmartTV, computer or telephone.


In addition to the right environment, professional technology is one of the keys to success. No hiccups in image, sound and streaming services. Stream NL has set up a special service for streaming. It is of high quality: interactive, fast and without delays. We produce professional multi-camera live streams for the business and entertainment industry. Our team works with the latest broadcast technologies and can always guarantee quality. We may breathe live, but an event or (internal) presentation with our AV expertise is what we do every day. We have almost all the technology in-house and with our own specialists. For example, coordination between all disciplines is well organized and there is a clear point of contact.

On the day itself, we will come to the location where it will take place well in advance. We install our cameras, microphones and control equipment. Then we do a technical check to make sure that both image and sound come through properly. The stream is then “opened” and the broadcast can start. We will send you the shown live stream afterwards.

Live stream studio

We have set up a high-tech streaming studio of 6 × 10 m2 especially for companies. If you, as a company, want to give a high-quality live stream session such as an online seminar, product presentation or kick-off, you can use this beautifully decorated studio. For most live streams we use the permanent setup and we provide the right setting by means of the decor, lighting and screens. Because the live stream studio has already been set up and all equipment is present, you can go live within a few minutes!

Live stream from anywhere!

With our live stream studio you can turn any desired location into a professional broadcast studio. This way you can organize your event online or increase the reach of your one and a half meter event (hybrid). You provide the space, the furniture, the decoration and a stable internet connection. We take care of the image direction and all the necessary technology.


Because of all the possibilities with livestream, we will contact you in advance to make a plan together. How many people will be broadcast? Is the live stream interactive, open or private? Which platform or platforms should streaming be on? What content should be shown during the live stream?

We go through the script of the broadcast or the event together and determine which aspects need to be clearly portrayed. We also look together when and whether other content should be shown than the live images. Consider, for example, a photo presentation of the deceased, a film from childhood, or, for example, a PowerPoint presentation during a business presentation. (It is also possible to show this “split screen”, so that the viewer sees both the presentation and the speaker).

Webinars, presentations & information

Where one or more speakers appeals to a larger audience. It is mainly one-way traffic, but the option to interact with questions and polls is also possible.

Workshops & masterclasses

This form of live streaming requires more interaction with your viewers. This could be done by means of a live chat, but it is also possible that participants come into the live stream via their own computer / camera via Skype, Teams or Zoom to ask their question or to answer. You could also easily give training and tutorials in this way.

Press conferences & Q & As

In a number of cases it is important to be able to address a larger group of people and who can also ask their questions directly. For this, a live press conference is a faster way of interaction.


We are already seeing different forms of live events. From living room performances to 12 hour long DJ sets from festivals. Artists prefer to stay in touch with their fans and live streaming offers them the possibilities. It is not only possible to bring the artist to At festivals and parties, we provide more interaction by also calling in the visitors at home. So that the artists can immediately see their fans.

The online pub quiz or bingo

People are often looking for activities that you can do remotely with groups. We facilitate private quizzes at companies and associations that are looking for a fun activity for their team or members.


Marry or mourn. Right now you would like to celebrate your wedding ceremony with all your loved ones. With a live stream, they can watch you tie the knot. Say goodbye? With a livestream of the funeral, the loved ones can still watch and say goodbye to the deceased in an appropriate way.


Organizing a general meeting is probably quite a challenge because not all members can or may be present at one location. Under other moods are therefore more difficult than when everyone is present live. With our livestream, all members can follow the meeting interactively and votes (polls) can also be held, the results of which are immediately visible.

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