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New inflatable concept creates more flexibility when organizing events
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20 July 2021

The company QuickSpace BV has developed a range of innovative inflatable room-in-room solutions that allow event organizers to create workshop spaces and event hall interiors quickly, flexibly and environmentally friendly.

Although the situation in the event sector is slowly improving, organizers are still faced with many uncertainties surrounding their events. Questions like "How many visitors will eventually come?", or "Will we get another lockdown?" are still unanswered.

To counter this uncertainty, the company QuickSpace BV offers event organizers a new and flexible way to design events. With the modular inflatable design, separate rooms, walls and, for example, stages can be created in a very short time and with hardly any preparation time and no upfront investment.

Founder Viktor Nijenhuis says: "Since the Corona crisis, we have seen an even greater trend towards smaller and more flexibly organized events that can better cope with the current uncertain circumstances."

With the help of inflatable design, organizers do not have to make upfront investments in the furnishing of the hall, workshop spaces, etc. If events are canceled or have to be set up differently due to Corona, the design can be easily and quickly adapted to the new situation, without additional costs. costs, even within 24 hours before the event.

QuickSpace inflatable design also responds to the increasing awareness of sustainability in the organization of events. Viktor Nijenhuis: "We do not create any waste with our inflatable spaces and walls. In addition, our products are completely cleaned after each event in an environmentally friendly way and they are very light, which greatly reduces CO2 emissions during transport."

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