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Tuupe-Tegoare - Experience the best summer teambuilding!
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19 July 2021

Davidsfonds and event agency New Balls Please join forces to offer a unique teambuilding activity. With Tuupe-tegoare (Ghent dialect for 'being together') you can discover Ghent, Zulte and the picturesque Lys region with your colleagues. Combine the best Summer Search in Flanders with an original activity and experience an unforgettable experience with your team.

The Davidsfonds Summer Search will start this year for the 35th time. During the search you experience a mapped out walk and you try to solve the questions in your search bundle along the way.

For this edition you can choose from two destinations, Zulte or Ghent. The assets of cultural Ghent are very clear, but Zulte is also the epicenter for true culture lovers this summer. On July 15, we celebrate the 100th birthday of artist Roger Raveel.

Companies can now also experience the Davidsfonds Summer Search in combination with extra group activities. Choose your favorite culinary and/or artistic activity(s) from the extensive menu and ensure an unforgettable afternoon with your team (activity available until September 21).

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