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21 January 2021

No investments. No surprises. No need to worry.

The purchase of new hardware for your company requires a considerable investment. More and more entrepreneurs are therefore opting for 'Hardware as a Service' (HaaS). This means that you do not buy the hardware but only use it. You pay a fixed amount every month, so you do not have to make a large expenditure in one go.

If your company grows and employees join, you can easily rent additional equipment. Once the peak has passed, you hand in the excess hardware. In other words: the capacity of your IT moves smoothly with the needs of your organization. HaaS from Easy2Rent is the pinnacle of flexibility and scalability. With HaaS you always have a suitable and up-to-date IT infrastructure, without high purchase costs. Servers, storage, network equipment, laptops, desktops, LED screens, printers and copiers. Including the accompanying software. For the back and front office, meeting room and showroom.

Completely tailored for you

Together with Easy2Rent you create a tailor-made contract: can be canceled daily, monthly, quarterly or annually, everything is possible. Easy2Rent also provides the associated support: advice, installation, management and maintenance of hardware and software. We also make clear agreements about insurance, repair / replacement in the event of a defect, software updates and returns. The contract is carefully tailored to the needs of your company. You never face unexpected costs.

The most important advantages of Hardware as a Service from Easy2Rent:

No investments. The liquidity of your company is maintained.

No surprises. You know in advance what you pay monthly.

No need to worry. Easy2Rent provides installation, management and maintenance.

Ultimate flexibility. Up or down scale as needed.

· Clear rules. You know exactly what to expect from Easy2Rent.

Security afterwards. Easy2Rent is guaranteed to delete all data when it is returned.

More from Easy2Rent

Easy2Rent is the European specialist in the rental of business AV and IT solutions. You can rent in the HaaS formula - so for the medium to long term - but also for one day or one week. What you want. Urgent job? We don't turn our back on that either. Renting at Easy2Rent is very easy. If there are changes in your organization or IT policy, we can respond immediately by adjusting the hardware and software within your company. We can deliver to any desired location in Europe and at any time, including evenings and weekends.


We rent (almost) everything in the field of IT & AV. From laptops to tablets and from compact LED screens on your desk to gigantic LED walls at your event. Naturally, our products are carefully composed and prepared and supplied with the correct peripherals (such as printers, scanners, mobile WiFi points, hand scanners and badge printers). For you and your employees it is literally plug-and-play.

Server & Storage

You can also contact us for renting temporary, urgent and project-based server, storage and network solutions. From high-end systems to complete IT infrastructures. We offer flexibility in data centers with rental solutions, related services and the purchase of old hardware.


Our support is expert and service-oriented. Service employees provide expert and friendly support with questions, faults and problems. We are available during office hours and if you really need us we are available 24 hours a day. That is the convenience of Easy2Rent.

Curious how Easy2Rent can facilitate your company? Call +31 (0) 318 495 300 or send an email to sales@easy2rent.nl .

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