MaisonRouge helps Ghent shop safely with the use of safety hosts.
10 December 2020

Since the most recent loosening of the corona measures, it is allowed to shop again in non-essential stores. That also means that a lot of extra people will come to the center of major cities for the end-of-year purchases. The City of Ghent took extra measures to guarantee the safety of these visitors. For this, a busy barometer is used. To support this barometer, the City of Ghent also relies on safety hosts from MaisonRouge.

“Because MaisonRouge has already supported several stores in recent months and also a production environment with safety hosts who monitor the safety of the shop or work environment, our people are well prepared to assist the City of Ghent where necessary with enthusiastic but firm safety hosts. . Our people who normally work at events are trained to monitor visitor flows and from the hospitality experience at events, our people also know how to handle every situation firmly but politely. ”

In concrete terms, MaisonRouge employs around 30 safety hosts every day at the busiest shopping points in the center of Ghent. We have been doing this on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays since December 5. From December 14th this will be every day until the first week of January. Gift shopping can also be done safely. Our people monitor and count the number of people entering and exiting Veldstraat and Lange Munt. They communicate live with the analysts of the busy barometer and in this way ensure that it can be adjusted in real time on the website. If a shopping street threatens to become too busy, it will be temporarily closed by our safety hosts. Of course, our safety hosts also monitor the other guidelines: everyone wears a mouth mask correctly. Keep enough distance and do not gather at the entrance of the shops.

We notice that our students also enjoy being able to do a job that contributes to a safe shopping environment. It is a very useful job and, moreover, many can finally get back to work. Because we were unable to deploy staff at events in the past period, many were left without income for a while. We are therefore happy that we can now put some back to work.

We would also like to thank the City of Ghent for trusting in the expertise of the events sector, this way we can once again demonstrate that our sector is flexible and dynamic and is ready with the right knowledge and experience to help where necessary.

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