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Events safer than shops? Yes we can!
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02 October 2020

S4Events bv launches Koortsvrij.nl The WHO reports that 89.9% of corona-infected people have a fever. By measuring the temperature with a thermal camera at the access control, those present are significantly safer. It is possible that a guest at an event does not feel ill and therefore passes the triage without any worries. A thermal imaging camera will identify this guest in 9 out of 10 cases. Employees will address this visitor in a friendly manner. Are there any other symptoms? A control measurement with an ear thermometer can provide 100% clarity as to whether they should ask the visitor not to visit this event. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has approved this form of health check within the GDPR, provided that data is not stored. It is best to have this done by an external company that has no connection with the visitor registration. Do you remember it from the past? The first metal detectors at nightclubs? It took some getting used to at the entrance, but once inside you felt safer. Creating positive sentiment among visitors is where the event industry excels, even in these times. Every guest feels safer knowing that he / she is in a choir-free place. The equipment is concealed in a design column: a real eye-catcher that can be provided with any logo. Name and address registration, time slot reservations, disinfection points, one-way traffic, free face masks, triage and fever registration: just drop by a DIY store or wholesaler! Events safer than shops? Yes we can! More information: www.koortsvrij.nl

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